Rentz Baptist Church
Wednesday, April 25, 2018
In the Heart of Georgia, With a Heart for You

Sermon of the Week


4/22/18                                                                               Rentz

Dress It Up, or Purge It Out?

Matthew 23:25-28


Introduction—Jesus saved His harshest messages for the religious leaders of His day. It’s very easy for us to justify our actions and attitudes when we see the errors and abuses of others. At some point we must be wise enough to look at ourselves honestly and see where we need to make things right with God. We will never fully be right with others until we first allow God to make His judgments and corrections.


I. A Superficial Exterior with a Disgusting Interior

                A. We are too often more concerned with beauty on

                    the shelf than wholesome usefulness (Illus.—The

                    cockroach in the coffee cup)
                B. Outward appearance can be deceiving
                    (II Cor.10:7, 17-18: Illus.—Ernest T. Bass)
                C. No matter how we adorn a pig, it remains a pig

                    (Prov.11:22)—“ I learned long ago, never to

                    wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides,

                    the pig likes it. - George Bernard Shaw”

II. A Sublime Appearance with Disgusting Contents

                A. Is our life a testimonial to life or a champion of

                    that which is long dead?

                B. Carnality holds and honors the dead bones of our

                    past; Christ calls us to be alive in Him

                C. True Godliness is more than an outward display

                    (II Tim.3:5)

III. A Sanctimonious Display with a Defiled Spirit

                A. Hypocrisy comes natural to us all (Ps.58:3)

                B. We must remember that God is not swayed by

                    appearance (I Sam.16:6-7)

                C. What we truly are begins from within us


IV. We Can Salvage Our “Temple” through Deliverance with

    God (II Chron.29:10-11, 15-16)

                A. Our bodies are the “Temple of the Holy Ghost”

                    (I Cor.6:17-20)

                B. Cleansing begins with confession and repentance

                C. Cleansing requires us to recognize the uncleanness

                    present more than our common excuses

                    (I Cor.5:6-8)



Conclusion—Many will never find salvation in Christ because they fail to realize that they are lost in need of a Savior. Many believers will never live the victorious Christian life because they are only focused upon how they compare to other professing believers. It’s not time to dress up our current life. It’s time to do some purging so Christ can fill us with Himself. Don’t be satisfied with less that God’s best for you.