Rentz Baptist Church
Friday, December 15, 2017
In the Heart of Georgia, With a Heart for You

Sermon of the Week


11/19/17                                                                             Rentz

Is the Main Thing the Main Thing?

I Corinthians 12:27-31


Introduction—We are now in that insanely busy time of year as we celebrate Thanksgiving and prepare for Christmas.  If we aren’t careful, we can quickly forget what it’s really all about.  We are prone to do the same thing with our lives.  We can get so tied up on our plans and desires that we forget how to have a fulfilled life.  Let’s focus upon truths that will help us keep the main thing the main thing.

I. Why Are We Here?

                A. We are here to carry on the work of Jesus to a lost

                    world (Jn.20:21-23)

                B. We are here to operate as a unified Body under the

                    leadership of the Holy Spirit (I Cor.12:24-26)

                                1. We are not here to be important
                                2. We are not here to be powerful
                                3. We are not here to be recognized
                                4. We are not here to be brilliant

                                5. We are here to fulfill the Holy Spirit’s

                                    design for us

                C. We must look to exalt Jesus above all (Jn.3:30)
II. What Are We Doing?
                A. Are we living a self-centered life or a life that

                    desires glory to God?

                B. We have a main message that we are responsible
                    to share (I Cor.2:1-2)

                C. We must not sacrifice the best for the merely busy

III. How Are We Focused?
                A. Without a Heavenly focus we will wander
                B. As we use the gifts that God has given we bless

                    others and please the Lord (II Cor.4:15-18)

                C. Without love we are mere empty shells going

                    through the motions (I Cor.13:1-3)


IV. When Will We Comprehend?

                A. We have a message that can change people for
                    eternity (Rom.1:16)
                B. Our purpose is to bring others into conformity to

                    Jesus, not conformity to us

                    (Acts 15:1-2, 7-11, 28-29)
                C. We will comprehend when we stand before Jesus

                                1. The believer will comprehend that our

                                    faith in Christ was an eternal blessing

                                2. The unbeliever will comprehend that

                                    rejection of Christ was an eternal mistake



Conclusion—There’s a whole lot of stuff that’s done in the name of religion that is secondary, silly, and superficial.  If we are going to really make a difference, we must make the main thing the main thing.  To make the main thing primary, we need to seek the mind of Christ.  We will never have the mind of Christ without a saving faith in His finished work.