Rentz Baptist Church
Saturday, February 24, 2018
In the Heart of Georgia, With a Heart for You

Sermon of the Week


2/18/18                                                                               Rentz

The Blessing of Children in the Christian Home

Psalms 127:3-5


Introduction—Outside of my salvation and my marriage, the most life-changing experience I have had is the birth of my children. The noblest earthly title I could claim is “Dad”. When God entrusts children to moms and dads, it should be taken as a primary and holy responsibility. Children are a special blessing from the hand of God. Let’s receive this blessing with joy and be determined to do our part to be a Godly influence on the next generation.


I. Children Are Our Heritage

                A. Children should be seen as our share and peculiar

                    inheritance from God (I Sam.1:19-20, 26-28)

                B. Almost any human is capable of birthing a child,

                    but only believers see it as a sacred calling

                C. We must not despise our heritage and surrender

                    our children to the molding of the world (Ex.- Esau

                    surrendered his birthright for immediate comfort)


II. Children Are Our Reward

                A. Children should be seen as a reward to those who

                    fear the Lord (Ps.128:1-6)

                B. We are willing to surrender all we possess for

                    what we see as our reward

                C. Our children should be seen as our opportunity to

                    provide better than we have personally attained

                    (Ex.- David preparing for the Temple under

III. Children Are Our Security

                A. Our children are a part of God’s blessings for His

                    people (Deut.28:2-11)
                B. There is a bond among our children that will lead

                    them to face common foes (Illus. “Tremble, O


                C. They are as arrows from a filled quiver to protect

                    and oppose all that would bring harm

                                1. Parents provide protection for children in

                                    their youth

                                2. Children provide protection for parents in

                                    their old age

                                3. A filled quiver is the best deterrent to

                                    attack from enemies


IV. Children Are Our Delight

                A. Children bring a joy that none else can provide

                B. We should be certain to share the greatest joy with

                    our children (Neh.8:10)

                C. We can only share the joy of the Lord, if we have

                    experienced it for ourselves

                                1. Is the faith you possess good enough for

                                    your child’s eternal security?

                                2. Will you merely point your child to Jesus,

                                    or will you lead the way to Jesus?



Conclusion—Europe is rapidly becoming Muslim. One reason is that they are not having enough children to sustain their population while the Muslims are having a population boom. Another reason is that they have abandoned their faith and allowed others to fill the void. Is your faith real? Now is a good time to turn our lives back to Jesus!