Rentz Baptist Church
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
In the Heart of Georgia, With a Heart for You

Sermon of the Week


1/20/19                                                                               Rentz

Contending for the Faith—Part Three
The Fearful Prospect of Our Faith
Jude 14-19

Introduction—In this text we find the earliest recorded human prophecy to the coming of the LORD. This is one of the harsher messages that direct us to the reality of judgment for unbelieving and unrepentant mankind. We do a disservice to others when we do not share with them the reality of God’s judgment upon sin. This passage should not cause true believers to despair, but it is a sober reminder that a life lived without Jesus is folly.

I. The Lord is coming! (14)
                A. His coming has been promised through the ages
                B. The coming spoken of in this text refers to His

                    return to reign

                C. His coming will be a great defining moment

                                1. For unbelievers it will be destruction and


                                2. For believers, we are coming to reign with

                                    Him (Rev.20:6)

II. Who Should Fear the Lord’s Coming? (15-16)

                A. All face judgment

                                1. The lost face judgment with a hopeless

                                    prospect (Rev.20:12, 15)

                                2. The redeemed have their judgment

                                    accomplished in Christ—judgment has

                                    rewards in view (Col.2:13-14)

                B. “Ungodly”—the key description of those who

                    refuse the grace of God

                C. The ungodly are self-centered, proud, and carnally

                    ambitious (II Pet.2:18-19)

III. The Certain Fulfillment of the Lord’s Coming! (17-19)

                A. We have the promise of Jesus and the rest of the

                    Word of God (Jn.14:3)

                B. Mockers and ungodly lusts will not nullify the

                    promises of God

                C. The Lord is coming! Are you ready?
                                1. Are you walking in the flesh?
                                2. Does the Holy Spirit live within?

                                3. Are you longing for the Lord’s return?




Conclusion—Many are going to be shocked when they find out that they are not God? Our world lives as if we are our own final authority. God still reigns! He is still coming! We need to be certain that we are ready. We need to be certain that we have been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb!