Rentz Baptist Church
Tuesday, May 22, 2018
In the Heart of Georgia, With a Heart for You

Sermon of the Week


5/13/18                                                                               Rentz

The Marks of a Wise Mother

II Samuel 20:15-22


Introduction—Here in Scripture, we find an unusual and often overlooked account. David’s kingdom had just survived the rebellion that was led by Absalom, but there was still much confusion and uncertainty. Sheba seized the opportunity and tried to wrest the kingdom from David, but he fled when his plot failed. He sought refuge in the town of Abel and it was a wise woman that delivered the town from destruction. Thank God that he has placed within our lives those with delivering wisdom.


I. A Wise Mother Will Motivate to Action (15-16)

                A. Trouble came from outside
                    (II Sam.20:1-2, 13-14)

                                1. Adam and Eve were tempted to disobey

                                    God when the serpent beguiled Eve

                                2. We must be ever vigilant to the snares and

                                    temptations that exist around us


                B. Only fools bring trouble to their own house
                    (II Chron.22:2-4)—Perhaps the worst mother
                    ever recorded
                C. When a need arises, it’s time for action
                    (II Kings 4:17-23)
                                1. Trust God
                                2. Believe God
                                3. Seek God

II. A Wise Mother Will Mediate for Deliverance (17-19)

                A. She will plead for wisdom (Prov.8:11-15)—

                    Wisdom is more powerful than temporary riches

                B. She will plead for the innocent

                                1. Mothers have the capacity to love her

                                    children at the times of their helplessness

                                2. When we grow cold to the innocent, we

                                    reveal we have lost our “natural

                                    affection” (Rom.1:29-32)
                C. She will plead for fairness in judgment—Human

                    judgment often goes beyond proper bounds; we

                    need God’s intervention

III. A Wise Mother Will Magnify Right over Wrong (20-22)

                A. She will not sacrifice the innocent for the wicked,

                    even when right is not popular with others

                B. She will do right, even when it’s hard
                    (I Sam.25:32-33)
                                1. Right over wrong—Susanna Wesley had
                                    22 children, yet she spent time
                                    individually with each one and stressed to
                                    them the importance of their walk with
                                2. Best over good enough
                                3. Wisdom over emotions
                                4. “The way” over a good way
                C. She will inspire others to boldly do right—
                    Tributes and testimonials


Conclusion—God, in His grace, has placed a number of examples in our lives that are worthy of our attention. The most important example is an example of genuine faith. We need to heed those like Susanna Wesley around us and ignore those like Athaliah in our culture.