Rentz Baptist Church
Tuesday, July 17, 2018
In the Heart of Georgia, With a Heart for You

Sermon of the Week


7/15/18                                                                               Rentz

Big Questions

Deuteronomy 29:29

Where Is God?
Acts 17:23-31

Introduction—I often have folks ask me questions that are difficult to answer. Some questions will never be grasped by us until we enter the presence of the Lord Jesus, but Scripture gives us insight into some of the “Big Questions” of life. We need to lay aside our own notions and allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit if we are to see the answers that God has provided.

I. Can We See God?
                A. When Adam sinned; we all lost our ability for

                    face to face fellowship with God

                    (Gen.3:6-10, 23-24)

                                1. Adam hid instead of confessing and


                                2. Adam tried to cover his sin instead of

                                    trusting God to remove it

                B. God reveals Himself to all who will recognize
                    Him (Rom.1:16-20)
                C. God reveals Himself to those who are willing to

                    fear/reverence Him (Ps.25:14)

II. Can We Hear God?
                A. God is speaking, but we must be willing to listen
                B. God speaks though His Word

                                1. The Word of God is the foundation for all

                                    we can hear about God (II Tim.3:16-17)

                                2. The Holy Spirit is here to convict us of

                                    our need of a Savior (Jn.16:8, 13)

                C. Beware of those who falsely speak for God
III. Where Does God Live?
                A. Paul described it as the “third Heaven”
                    (II Cor.12:2-4)
                B. John described it as going through an open door

                    into God’s presence (Rev.4:1-2)

                C. God lives in the heart of every believer—“He
                    Lives”—“you ask me how I know He lives, He
                    lives within my heart!”

IV. Does God Care About Us?

                A. God cares enough that He sent Jesus to be

                    sacrificed for our sin debt (I Pet.3:18)

                B. God has a plan that is beyond our comprehension

                C. For anyone to go into eternity separated from God,

                    they will have to step over:

                                1. The love of God
                                2. The Word of God
                                3. The conviction of the Holy Spirit
                                4. Faithful witnesses
                                5. The prayers of believers


Conclusion—Psalms 14:1 tells us that only a fool would deny God’s existence. God is real! We may not be able to see Him with our natural eyes, but He is real. We all shall one day face Him. Will we face Him in faith and joy, or will we face Him in fear because we rejected Him in this life? God wants to save you, live within you, and be your closest friend. Turn in faith to Him today!