Rentz Baptist Church
Monday, November 19, 2018
In the Heart of Georgia, With a Heart for You

Sermon of the Week


11/4/18                                                                               Rentz

I Still Like the Old Time Ways

Deuteronomy 32:7-12


Introduction—Rentz Baptist Church was established 113 years ago. God has allowed me the privilege of being the Pastor for almost 20% of our Church history. Things have changed radically over the last century, but there are some things that must stand unchangeable. We can adapt our methods to reach the current generations, but there are some “Old Time Ways” that are worth preserving. Let’s never forget where we came from, why we are here, and what our Heavenly purpose should be!


I. The Old Time Ways Had a Different Value for Literature

                A. The best literature was designed to stir the soul

                    rather than passion alone (Ex.—Ben Hur, Robinson

                B. The only Book worthy of re-reading was the Bible
                                1. It was our constant guide (Josh.1:8)

                                2. Only infidels rejected the Bible as God’s



II. The Old Time Ways Had a Different View on Fashion

                A. For most, practicality and modesty were of

                    primary importance (Matt.6:25)

                B. A dress or shirt made from a flour sack was fine as

                    long as a robe waited in Heaven


III. The Old Time Ways Had a Different Approach to Daily

                A. For most, investment portfolios had little meaning
                B. People had no choice but to live by faith

IV. The Old Time Ways Had a Different Perspective for

    Family Fun and Entertainment
                A. None assumed that children had a “right” to

                    entertainment and activity

                B. It was a time when the most exciting center of

                    activity was the Church (Heb.10:25)


V. The Old Time Ways Had a Different Concept for Future

                A. Live for the glory of God and trust Him for
                    rewards (II Tim.4:7-8)
                B. Heaven was the exclusive desired destination

VI. The Old Time Ways Had a Different Passion for Prayer

                A. Prayer was a personal and real experience

                                1. It was a real conversation with God

                                2. It had the expectation of being heard


                B. The prayer of faith held great power

                                1. Because of faith, we could expect an


                                2. The prayer of faith was the guarantee that

                                    Jesus would save our soul (Rom.10:9-13)



Conclusion—No, I am not ready to give up on modern technology and conveniences. Although, it would do us good to go back and look at the views that once fashioned our attitudes and purposes. Let’s never forsake the faith that is found in Jesus. Let’s never doubt the truth of Scripture. Let’s reclaim some of the old time ways that prompted us to walk closer to Jesus. Let’s make Jesus the central person in our daily life.