Rentz Baptist Church
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
In the Heart of Georgia, With a Heart for You

Sermon of the Week


8/18/19                                                                               Rentz

Does It Matter?—The Bodily Resurrection of Christ
Luke 24:33-43

Introduction—“The resurrection was the greatest bombshell to ever explode in the face of an unbelieving world!”—Oliver B. Green. This bold proclamation from a previous era of preachers is the kind of bold preaching that is sorely needed today. Too often we talk around topics when we need to face them without apology. Did Jesus really rise again in His Body? Is it really important for us to believe in a literal resurrection? I believe the Bible has answers for us!


I. The Bodily Resurrection of Christ Is the Foundation of

    Christianity (I Cor.15:17-18)
                A. The Deity of Christ depends upon it
                B. The veracity of Scripture depends upon it
                C. The promises of Jesus depends upon it

II. In the Bodily Resurrection of Christ, Death Is Defeated


                A. “Death did not conquer Christ. Jesus pursued

                    death into its dominion and came forth
                    conqueror”—Oliver B. Green
                B. It was not possible for death to hold Him
                    (Acts 2:24)

                C. Death is abolished for the believer through Christ

                    (II Tim.1:10)

III. The Bodily Resurrection of Christ Allows a Personal

    Relationship with Christ (I Jn.1:1-4)
                A. In a dead Savior, we could only experience a

                    mystical relationship

                B. Jesus now has an eternal body of flesh and bone
                C. We will have eternity to praise Him and dwell in

                    His presence


IV. The Bodily Resurrection Opens the Door to Saving Faith

    (I Cor.15:12-20)

                A. Without the resurrection, we have no message of

                    eternal hope

                B. Faith comes by preaching, and our primary

                    message is the resurrection of Jesus (I Cor.15:1-4)

                C. Belief in the resurrection is required for salvation

                    (Rom.10:9-10, 13)

Conclusion—The pivotal point of history was when Jesus walked victoriously out of the grave. His resurrection sealed the price He paid for our sin debt. His resurrection allowed Him to ascend into Heaven and offer His Blood on the Heavenly Mercy Seat. Do you really believe in the resurrection of Christ? You must if you have any hope beyond this present life.