Rentz Baptist Church
Thursday, May 23, 2019
In the Heart of Georgia, With a Heart for You

Sermon of the Week

 5/19/19                                                                               Rentz
It’s Time to Go on Offense!
James 4:7-10

Introduction—The Church of Jesus Christ was never intended to be a silent and passive entity. There was a time when believers had a militant attitude about standing up for Jesus. Today, we are prone to let our convictions hide in the shadows while we try to gain popularity with the world. The world will never be the friend of Biblical Christianity. It is foolish for us to only be defensive when our enemy is seeking our destruction.


I. The Enemy Is Intently Focused

                A. Our enemy is powerful (I Pet.5:8-9)
                                1. He is crafty and destructive
                                2. He is not omnipotent
                B. Our enemy is deceptive
                C. Our enemy hates and tries to undermine

                    everything that is loved by God

                                1. He perverts everything designed by God

                                2. His temptations never satisfy, only


                                3. He has special hatred for mankind, for we

                                    are made in God’s image (Gen.1:26-28)


II. Too Many Believers Are Passively Fickle

                A. Too many are being held captive
                                1. It is the duty of the “spiritual” to help

                                    those who are overtaken in sin

                                    (Gal.6:1-2)—restoration is never aided

                                    by gossip

                                2. Little help can be given if we grow

                                    comfortable in bondage

                B. Many have become passive because it seems we

                    are in the minority

                                1. True believers have always been the

                                    minority in the world

                                2. We can stand for God in spite of the odds

                                    (II Chron.14:9-12)

                C. With Jesus, we are on the winning side—“I’ve

                    read the final portion of the Bible and God wins!”


III. God Has a Victorious Formula

                A. We cannot go on the offensive until we first

                    submit to God

                                1. Submitting to God and resisting the Devil

                                    are linked together: one demands the


                                2. As we draw to God, He draws to us

                                3. Repentance and cleansing are linked in

                                    our fellowship with God

                B. Our duty is more than defending our faith
                    (Matt.16:18-19)—The message of Jesus saves

                    souls, defeats the domain of Satan, and secures

                    eternal victory
                C. The worst we may face is death; even that is

                    victory for the child of God (Phil.1:20-21)


Conclusion—We must stop acting as if this world is all there is for us. God has a wonderful place prepared for His children. The primary consideration for each of us is whether or not we are truly children of God. Have you believed in Jesus as your Savior? If not, why not today?