Rentz Baptist Church
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
In the Heart of Georgia, With a Heart for You

Sermon Video Archives

Here are our Sermon Video Archives from the last couple of years from our ministry. We hope you enjoy them and are moved by God. Click on the following sermons and it will lead you to our multimedia account to view the selected message.  May God bless you richly!
*Please note for Jan. 8, 2017 video-we had some minor audio difficulty so the first 12 minutes are recorded lower. Audio improves back to usual level after 12 minutes.*
 * Video below will still play even if preview is a gray cassette image *
Although there's no thumbnail (picture) showing for the preview on video below, video does play through normal as it should.
 Boasting Axes and Saws
A Call to Boldnesss
Revival- Bill Britt, Monday Night
Revival- Bill Britt, Sunday Night
Revival- Bill Britt, Sunday Morning

Are We Ready to Die 


Modern Day Samaritan


Eternal Victory


The Perfect Sacrifice 


When God Became Flesh


 Oh God, Open Our Eyes


When God Ends the Conversation


The Power in Pursuing God


What Difference Does It Make


Rebuking the Hypocrisy Within Us


Potential in Perspective


Recognizing the Voice of the Holy Spirit 


Lock Wilford 


They Departed another Way 


Don't Wait for a Future Day 


Why Do We Call it Worship?


Emir Caner


Looking Behind Our Masks


Tommy Fountain


We All Want it, But Few are Willing to Give it up


What Happened to the Amens?


Reconciliation- A Change in Perspective


Good Gifts to Give and Good Gifts to Receive