Rentz Baptist Church
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
In the Heart of Georgia, With a Heart for You

Student Ministry


The Student Ministry of Rentz Baptist Church seeks to Reach, Equip, and Train Middle and High School Students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


What does it mean to...


     To engage students with the Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus is free to all no matter the background. Therefore we welcome all Middle or High School students into our group and let God do His work in their lives.


     Once a student has accepted God's gift of salvation, it becomes our job to give them the tools needed to live the victorious life God wants for them. We do this through teaching them the skills they need, showing them how to use their gifts, and partnering with parents to inspire growth at home.


     Having the right skills or inspiration can only take students so far in life. So the final thing we do is to put students into positions where they must use their skills and giftedness to do the ministry God left his people. We walk along side students during these ministry moments so that they can feel confident in God to do His work.